Analysis of Print Media's Role in Addressing Violence against Women


  • Dr. Muhammad Kashan Atif Assistants Professor, Riphah International University, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Dr. Mamoona Gul Department of Communication and Media Studies, Gomal University, D.I. Khan, KP, Pakistan.
  • Dr. Najma Akram Principal, Government Girls Centennial Model High School, Bannu, KP, Pakistan.


Print Media's Role, Violence against Women, Causes, Prevention


Violence against women is considered as an issue of international attention or concern. In this study researcher analyzed the content published in newspapers regarding violence against women. Two English dailies (Dawn and The News) and two Urdu dailies (Express and Nawa-i-Waqt) have been selected. Content analysis approach was adopted in order to accomplish the research study. 6 months period of study from January to June 2023 has been selected. Each news story regarding violence against women was treated as unit of analysis that appeared on front, back and inside pages. In this study we have made seven categories of violence against women to analyze the coverage i.e., 1. Murder, 2. Suicide, 3, Kidnapping, 4 Rapes, 5. Acid throwing, 6. Fire burning, 7. Harassment and others. To read out different documents to gain information about the topic under study, the method of document study is applied. The findings revealed that violence against women is of notable ratio and women are depicted in a passive role. This study is not only helpful for academic purposes, but also helps to address actual problems which are being faced by women in this region. The study is also helpful in providing for guidelines for the formulation of legislation related to women. Hypothesis, case study and secondary analysis of the data made this study exclusive one and very important addition in the field of research related to violence against women.



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