Review Process

Submitted manuscripts are reviewed for originality, significance, adequacy of documentation, reader interest and composition.


In the event that a journal's editors are made aware of any allegation of research misconduct relating to a published article in their journal, the publisher or editor shall follow COPE's guidelines (or equivalent) in dealing with allegations.

  • Manuscripts not submitted according to instructions will be returned to the author for correction prior to the beginning of the processing.
  • All manuscripts are subject to a similarity check using the Turnitin service.
  • Overall similarity index of less than 15% and similarity index from single source of less than 3% are required.
  • Articles exceeding the limit of 15%, and the single similarity sources exceeding than 3% are returned for clarification and/or correction.
  • All articles are initially reviewed by the members of Editorial Board, for adequacy and relevancy of the manuscript to the policies and guidelines of the Research Mosaic journal.
  • Revised manuscripts are judged on the adequacy of responses to suggestions and criticisms made during the initial review.
  • Manuscripts are then forwarded to two external peer reviewers and statistical reviewers.
  • The pee-review process is double-blinded.
  • Each manuscript will further be checked for technical, epidemiological, statistical, ethical and language corrections.
  • All parts of accepted manuscripts are subject to editing for scientific accuracy and clarity by the office of the Editor.
  • The editorial board of Research Mosaic (RM) holds the right to a final decision of accepting or rejecting any article from publications in the journal at all stages.