Plagiarism Policy

Research Mosaic (RM) is open-access, and refereed journal, which is published biannual. Currently, RM is following the HEC (Pakistan) policies regarding Turnitin Originality Report and Plagiarism. As per the HEC policy, plagiarism is not accepted and zero tolerance policy on Plagiarism issue. RM aims for original script having 15% or below than 15% Turnitin Originality Report. Authors are advised to avoid using words, graphs, figures, and or ideas of others without proper attribution. All sources therefore, must be cited at the places where they have been referred to, limited reuse of wording is highly desirable, and proper attribution is required when quoted in the text. While submitting their work to this journal, declaration of the originality of work and whenever and wherever used in their work, proper citation to previous publication is mandatory for authors. In case of the detection of plagiarism and unoriginality during the peer review process, the manuscript is liable to rejection. In case of post publication plagiarism detection, the publisher reserves the right to issue either directions correction or retract the manuscript.

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